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1. Build Your Stable

Select the type of skilled worker you need. Review top-tier candidates and select your favorites.

2. Post a Shift

Post shifts to your stable of on-call freelancers for free.

3. Schedule On-Demand

Shifts are assigned in real-time to ensure you have the right coverage as and when you need it!

4. Pay-Per-Use

Never pay for downtime... Only for work performed!

Why Stable?

Stable lets you take a proactive approach to recruiting by allowing you to build a "stable" of professionals in advance and post shifts when demand requires.

Save Money

No full-time or part-time contracts. Only pay for the work performed.

Save Time

Recruiting, screening and payroll made easy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business..

Verified & Insured

Freelancers on Stable are all pre-vetted, screened, and carry full liability insurance.

Flexible Coverage

Ramp up resources during peak periods and scale back when demand slows.

Freelance Services

Between rising labour costs and operational expenses, a "Just in Case" staffing model is not an effective use of budgetary resources. Stable’s on-demand labour platform gives you access to a large network of vetted, verified and highly skilled experts to fill a variety of roles on-demand.

  • Property Management Assistant
  • Leasing Consultant
  • Open House Support
  • Move-In/Out Inspection
  • Building Concierge


Short staffed? Here’s to short-notice professional coverage!


Get coverage when you need it. Schedule freelancers for a variety of on-demand services for a flat fee.


Post one-time or recurring shifts to your stable of on-call freelancers for free. Never pay for downtime...only for work performed.

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Stable Traditional Labour

No commitment - Pay-per-use (1hr minimums)


Employee contracts - commit to 4-8hrs per day


Flexible coverage - Have coverage only when you need it


Static coverage - coverage limited to team availability


Designed & built to manage temp & on-call teams effectively


Most HR departments aren’t built to maintain temp & on-call teams


Maintain 7 Day, evening & weekend coverage on-demand


Lost leads when tours are requested outside office hours


Ramp up quickly - your stable is locked and loaded


Ramp up slowly - post a job, review applications, conduct interviews, screen, contract and train